Conference Update

Coming 2018 OrAVSCO Conference:

2018 OrAVSCO Conference Save the Date

OrAVSCO 2017 Veterans SCO Educational Conference-Eugene, OR.

Below are the Power Point Presentations given at the 2017 OrAVSCO Conference.

MY VA, Putting Veterans FirstRobert M. Worley II (Director, Education Service)

OrAVSCO-My VA 2017

IHLs Flight Degrees-Michael Marks (Chief Education Liaison Officer) & Kate Nicholson (Oregon ELR)

IHL Flight Programs PPT OrAVSCO 2017

Department of Veterans Affairs -Debt Management Center (DMC)Joseph Peterson (Financial Administrative Specialist (Trainer), VA Debt Management Center)

DMC SCO Presentation 2017

Basics for SCOs-Website Wisdom, Navigating the GI Bill WebsiteKate Nicholson (Oregon ELR)

Navigating the GI Bill Website 2017

VA Education: Questions & Answers You Need- Kate Nicholson (Oregon ELR)

The VA and FAAQuestions and Answers

Identifying Women Veterans: What’s in it for Everyone? – Elizabeth Estabrooks (Oregon Women Veterans Coordinator)

Identifying Women Veterans

Engaging & Supporting Student Veterans & Boots to Books-Veteran Services-Will Riddle (Rogue Community College)

Supporting your veteran students with Veteran Resource Centers

RCC Boots to Books OrAVSCO 2017

Compliance Survey for SCOsBobby Clayton (Education Compliance Survey Specialist)

Compliance Surveys PPT 2017.ppt

VA Once BasicsNikki Johnson (Rogue Community College)

VA ONCE Training 2017-OR Conference

VA Once Advance-Certifying Students- Nikki Johnson (Rogue Community College)

VA ONCE Student Cases 2017-OR Conference

GoArmyEd -Non-LOI InvoicingAnn Browning (Oregon ARNG, Education Services Specialist)

GoArmyEd Invoicing

Operation SAVE, Veteran Suicide Prevention Training, PTSD & TBIKurt Rossbach (LCSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator)

SAVE-Community Version-Edition-OrAVSCO 17

Oregon SAA Approval Process-State Approving Agency (SAA)Barbara Zeal (Oregon SAA)

Oregon SAA Approval Process 2017

Veterans Services & Program Development: Serving Veteran Students to the fullestDr. Rene McKenzie (Rogue Community College)

Veteran Services Admin-ORVASCO 2017